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The first thing that came to mind

This morning when I woke up

Is how behind her sedated eyes

Might have been this fear—

Fear of losing control,

Fear of being left alone,

Fear of dying.

Yes, I project my own inner turmoil

Onto this furry creature that was my own.

And it’s because she was family

For four (five?) years

That I now wrestle with a gut-knotting fear—

Fear that I let her down,

Fear that I killed her.

And that even though I was there

Till the end

Whispering “you are loved,”

Whispering “you are safe,”

She nonetheless had to cross the veil

Fearing being abandoned.

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♥️♥️♥️ thank you for sharing this with us, and sending love.

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What shall I do with you?

Put you in a box where you don’t get any air?

Let you trample me like wildebeests?

Throw you again and again into the river?

Alchemize you into anger or a stomachache?

Or sit with you like a crying child and let you feel yourself fully

(which is what I fear most of all)?

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Oh, this is so visceral and heartfelt. Thank you!

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Because what are you afraid of?

They ask.


And it's fine, it's nothing.

And everything.

Will the zucchinis sprout

did the lavender overwinter

will I know what to do with a tick if

I even find it in time?

Is it allergies or a cold or

was that gathering too much after all?

Can I stand down this beast

or do I hold it's hand for a while?

Will the beehive slumbering in my chest

wake and sting, poison or

leave. Pollinate. Make good.

Will you still love me will we make

it will we




Will I make it?

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This brought me to tears. Thank you for opening up and giving us this!

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Oh wow, thank you!

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We talk about Fear as if it is its own being,

something to be controlled, buried, disposed of.

We don't realize that in separating it from our selves,

we make it bigger.

Fear is a small part of us who needs to be

honored and held,

Or it will become the very beast

we're all so afraid of.

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Yes! This one gives me something to think about. Thank you!

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Thank you for doing this! I haven't tried to write anything in a long time because I've been burnt out, and this is an easy and low-pressure way for me to start again.

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I’m so glad. I really love word prompts bc you can come at it from a definition perspective or from a pure gut feeling and just see where it leads.

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I definitely did the gut feeling

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Very interesting.

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"An embodied sense

Something is amiss, in the

place I put my dreams"


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Yes!! Bring on the haiku! Thank you for this!

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Fear feels like a song

whispered out of sight,

the words make no sense

but the tune feels right.

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Fear is a child

Calling out in the night

It is in need of comfort

From a touch of the light

When a gentle hand

Reaches out with help

It can be sated

And come back to itself

Too often we treat it

Like it’s a live wire

Like if we touch it

Then we will catch fire

But with some gentle

Soothing tender care

It won’t drown us in darkness

But make us aware

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Love this!

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His heart pounding

He walked to the table

His calloused hand

Grasped the edge

Birds and coins flying

People staring

Vendors shouting


Live your life with courage.

Walk up to the tables

of those who oppress.

Look them in the eye.

Know your fear is real


And do it anyway.

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Things that go bump in the night fear

Fear of the unknown

Phobias - unexplainable fear

Fear that comes from awe

Fear that keeps you safe

Holy and reverent fear

Fear of being alone

Fear that hinders

Fear that heals

A multitude of types and definitions

Stifling fear

Courage in spite of fear

Run from fear

Run with fear

Embrace fear.

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♥️♥️ love it! Naming the complexity and Liminality of fear 👏🏼

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In my wallet I keep a photo of

Andy Warhol in a Soup Can—

It helps me overcome the fear

Of being myself around you

It is art to be this complicated and awkward

While maintaining all the charm of tomato soup.

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This has such a Billy Collins feel! If you don’t know his work please look him up!

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Thank you! This made me smile because I love Billy Collins.

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This is awesome! What a great image and great poem :-)

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Where do you come from?

Outside in the world, the unknown


Deep within me, the unexplored self

Maybe both

Living in and with fear

Fearfully, what if things don't change?

Or more fear

What if they do?

What if I am left alone?

Without community

To explore that self

Deep within

Discovering who I was

Created to be

What if I find a community?

To explore the unknown

Relationship with others

Will I have to hide

Part of myself

Fear within and without

Fear is everywhere

Courage isn't the absence of fear

It is the ability to work through it

(At least we tell troops that before battle)

Reciting that while doing

Superman pose

Brings relief

Fear returns, always

Different than before

Still recognizable

At times, it roars

Fight or flight takes hold

Other times, it saunters alongside

Whispering doubt and confusion

Fear is a power and principality

It wants to claim a domain

Urges us to look warily

At those different

Psst - here is a secret

Fear is whispering to them too

We must hold tightly to that secret

It is a key

That liberates us

Time and again

From fear

It does take a bit of courage

To reach out

To someone we are afraid of

And who is afraid of us

To talk

To share

To make the unknown known

The stranger becomes

Acquaintance becomes

Colleague becomes


Through that transformation

From "other" to friend

We explore the unknown

And discover we have

Explored the unexplored self

As well

Fear, we know you will return

We are ready.

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Thank you for this. Brought tears to my eyes.

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Is this a long, dark tunnel,

Or is this just life!

Something about a light

But it’s coming from inside

I’m afraid

And very, very, very excited

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Am I enough?

Am I too much?

Am I the right person for such a time as this?

And what causes more fear?

Not being the right person…or being the right person?

How do I know?

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a label given

others when choices differ

as listening fails

as in: living in

fear the ultimate insult

discouraging thought

what if, hear me now

fear tells us a deeper truth

our hearts need tending

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Yes! Fear tells me a deeper truth: my heart needs tending.

Beautifully said.

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Lives deep sometimes

Rising unexpected

Needed, unwanted

Mitigating movement

Forward reaching back to

Moments buried unseen

Unknown even yet

Real as blue sky filled

With clouds blowing over

Green trees. Breathe.

Re-center focus to

Deeper peace brave

Courage comes as Love

Wraps around dark places

Hidden but seen

And drained of power

Validated feelings resign

To truth and bring

Empathic hope inside


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I’m not Flight or Fight

I’m Freeze

My body cemented to one spot

But my mind running 100 mph in circles

Car accident

Dog attack

Mom’s Cancer Diagnosis

Fear is a sudden vice grip

Who eases after the passage of Time

But I can still feel its hand hovering over me

Always ready to grab me once again

Fear and I have been close friends for many years now

I really want to walk out on this relationship though

It’s toxic

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