Pollution has corroded,

Our view of the night sky.

Too many street lights,

Make the stars seem dim.

Yet, there they are,

Shining brightly.

Hope is always there,

Even when we can’t see it

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Day 29: Starlight

a poem a day in the month of may

(The Liminality Journal: Kaitlin Curtice)

Blue skies of morning

blot the starlight from my view;

still, the stars shine on.


From dust you have come,

And to dust you shall return.

~ Genesis 3:19

We are made of stardust,

every part of our body

formed in stars

over billions of years

and multiple star


We come from dust

and to dust we shall return.

All my ancestors,

near and far,

came from the same dust.

Our skin tones are different;

sepia, olive, charcoal, lily white

The beat of the drum

to which we dance is different;

bodran, sammi, buffalo hide, goat skin

Our origin stories are different;

cave, sun, breath, moon

Regardless of color, drumbeat, creation story —

our bodies themselves,

the skin in which we live and breath and move,

are sculpted from the same clay.

the invisible starlight

of my morning

reminds me

i am made of stars

reminds me to

shine on

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Here's a poem I wrote starstruck one night crossing the sea:

Night Crossing, Sea of Cortez

The sea appears so simple

With a dark, indulgent face,

The stars there twice reflected

Like a world spun out of space.

Our sloop shoots through the cosmos,

Through a mute and moonless night,

Our wake a fiery comet

Streaming effervescent light.

With all the universe inert

We slip from star to star,

Then reach across the Milky Way

Toward galaxies afar.

Eons swirl, light-years unfurl

And none can still our flight,

Leaping toward the infinite to

Apprehend the light.

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Out here in

the countryside,

the night sky

seems to explode

with stars

upon stars

everywhere I look.

As I ponder

the time between

when those stars

broke out

their luminescence

and when I

stand underneath

the sky to

watch them shimmer

and shine,

I am amazed.

Did they know

when they sent

forth their light

throughout time

that I would be

standing here

gladly receiving

their glory

this very night?

Did they have

any idea that

just being themselves

and doing their thing

could literally


throughout time,

long past their lives,

to touch me,

a tiny speck

on a hillside

in the universe?

I bow in thanks

for their

magnificent offering,

and hope that

my life might

also be a light

for the generations

to come.

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The starlight we see

is billions of years old,

travelling in space

to reach us long after

many of those stars

have blinked

out of existence.


It's a relief, isn't it?

To think that,


billions of years

from now,

a bit of our light

might reach someone,

might compel them

to lift their face

and gaze up in wonder,

seeing themselves

reflected in us.


After all,

we are

made of


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Starlight, stars so bright

Sky alight, Sagan was right

billions and billions and billions of stars

pouring illumined light here from so far

never not ever has such glow been seen

as from that dark park, that obsidian scene

Pistolet Bay was the place we reclined

our jaws hung agape as the radiance shined

i'm not really sure but perhaps this deep blast

was present and future co-tingled with past

I go there in mem'ry, eyes shut to see clear

the night that pure starlight enveloped our sphere

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starlight, starflight,

don’t clench your hand too tight,

to dare we may, against all fright,

keep up the faith against the night


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When I was a kid,

It came easy

to see starlight

as god's bright warm heaven

smiling at me

thru some pinholes punched in the dark.

Seeing pinholes in grownups

comes harder.

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Here at home again after traveling for the past two weeks. It is nice dance with the word this morning.


Summer comes again to this northern coast.

Welcome back, old friend, it has been too long.

Tomorrow we remember the ones who died,

with no better sense of why than when the battles first came,

and bow to a pledge to have war no more.

Tonight, I sit under starlight sky,

half-moon playfully smiling its banana pose,

owls’ conversation a blend of wisdom and wariness,

coyotes howling to greet the whole night sky.

What will I bring to this beckoning passion play?

It is good to be home again,

after traveling under the starlight

of a different geospatial glow.

In this small corner of a fractured globe,

I pray for true peace in our lives.

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looking out

at the millions of stars

it is as if

I am Galileo

the first to observe

this awesome expanse

or Einstein

contemplating relativity

or even George Lucas

imagining a

galaxy far far away

and while science was

discovering more and more

the theologians were

looking "heavenward"

to see God

in the mystery

slowly declaring

the "God of the gaps"

as science and theology

seem to part ways

for those with

either/or thinking

but this night sky

reveals so much more

than scientists and theologians

can even comprehend

or filmmakers

can even imagine

all of this vast

collection of stars

sending starlight

throughout the

milky way

and a plethora

of galaxies in

the known universe

held together by

dark matter

and most assuredly more

and for me that is

enough to keep me safe

enough to expand me thinking

enough to add more

questions to ponder

and subjects to learn

as my prayers

remain between me

and the vastly expanding universe

with a creator somewhere

out there distantly

yet like the starlight

making its way

to here intimately

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Seek out the stars

where stark darkness is a portal

to the starlight realm

In crystal clear tundras and African savanna,

Northern lights on muggy nights, chasing fireflies and stellar skies,

the luster of nighttime

in the cool southwestern desert

Let us find our essence in their splendor

Drink in the stars

the eddies that pool

and swirl in constellations

Let us awe at their vastness

too great to swallow

Feel the familiar of the stars

they seeded our existence

incubated our elements

Let their ancestral wisdom guide us

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Thank you so much for this space, Kaitlin. Seeing and honoring you for your own experiences this month. It's been one of the greatest adventures of my life :)

And another expansion for me: today's poem represents only the second sonnet I've ever tried to write in my life! :D




The starlight in my window brightly gleams,

A light so bright my eyes don’t find it real,

But to my eager heart it does appeal,

This brightest light illuminating dreams.

Why do I dare to wish upon that star?

What brings me now to follow my own heart?

I think I know that glimmer will impart

A world of gold I see now only far.

I pray starlight will fall upon the dark,

That magic of the rainbows gets its turn,

That truth will lead us all right through the night.

With all my wishes stored, I can embark

Upon my quest and do my part to earn

The murmur of this precious sweet starlight.

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Starlight, star bright…

How many wishes have been made

on these twinkling pinholes in the sky?

Deep longings reaching towards

sparkling gems, laying

on a blackened field

Hidden dreams from aching hearts

to iridescent ornaments

hanging delicately by a thread

Are aspirations left to

wander light years?

Or do they come home

answered in unimaginable ways?

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Sparks of light

Hope in the darkest night

Sparks of wonder

Presence of a powerful creator

Sparks of joy

Connection across the miles

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From the lake's edge, near city lights

there is a smattering of starlight above us,

enough to keep us attuned to the sky.

We see the Dipper and Orion in their season

The Perseids in late summer

We stand anchored on the shoulders of Mother Earth as our

eyes widen to the stars, absorbing light into ourselves, our souls.

We barely notice the waves on the shoreline during this holy moment.

This is life.

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starlight staurolite seastar sister plaiedes 7!sisters of sky n more subaru magic .. serena siren you in plaiedes gate waiting watching us sister siren serena my guiding stars shooting stars slow down how shone n not burn out n carry lessons in stories in sky dew drop pieces in ur dreams who what drops visions of future

dark holding light

wo dark wat holds light

stars please be patient w us as learn listen n sing w u at veil

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