Thank you for these prompts, Kaitlin! It's been such a fun week and a half of writing poems and appreciating what others come up with. For anyone else who has been enjoying this experience of writing with a community as much as I have, I want to let you know that I'm launching a Substack at 100poems.substack.com. My personal intention for the year is to write 100+ poems, and rather than doing that alone, I've decided to share and invite others to join me. If you subscribe (it's free), you'll receive a poem from me twice per week, but the real magic will (I hope) take place in the comments section, where all subscribers are invited to share their own poems and offer encouragement to one another. Since this is a brand new idea for me, there may be some shifts as the year goes on, but my plan for now is to offer a prompt one day per week and leave the other day open. I hope to see your lovely virtual faces there!

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I have not commented a lot but have kept up with the prompts and enjoyed my 2nd of your poetry series!

Sometimes I ask myself,

Which came first,

Me or the therapist?

Was I drawn to this work,

Because of my personality?

Or did it shape me?

Maybe there is not separation,

But instead an integration,

Making my self whole

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The starlings integrate

then disintegrate.

They spread like a wing across the sky

then break apart

in a thousand flutterings.

They peck at the ground,

draw up what they need,

then lift again,

pulsing like a single heart.

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Kaitlin, thank you sincerely for the creation of this space. What a beautiful 10 days. The Liminality Journal and the gracious wisdom of your words and the compassion of the space you hold and create is beyond measure.

Thank you all who have participated in this tender 10 day journey. An integration has begun.

Deepest gratgitide to all fo those who have offered a poem or more, who have shared reflections, wonderings and wisdom,and have written such affirming, kind and encouraging notes to erach other. Some of you all I have encountered before in this virtual realm, and I am ecstatic to find you again. Some of you all are new to me, and what gifts you are. The world holds countless wisdomkeepers and dreamers throughout the ages, and knowing you all are out there in tbhis one inspires me with even greater hope.

You all have even inspired me to finally do something with that Substack I created in May during the month of poetry. For me, it sometimes takes a season, or in this case three, to get there.

Blessings to you all! Happy New Year!

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Winter was never my favorite season

I lived for the summer: the freedom, the feeling of

Sun and sand, sweet tomatoes, cool lemonade, gentle mornings of just enough warmth

Before the day's heat

Relishing the pleasure of her brevity and bittersweet end in August


Being in the first snow of December, or January

Holding out my tongue to taste the dusty flakes

Winter has won me over

I can love both

Becoming whole, denying the binary of

If I love being warm, I hate the cold or

If I love summer, I must not love winter

Ice in the reservoir speaks to me in a language I am just learning

To appreciate and integrate into

A life of many seasons

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Creating a synthesis from disparate components

An alchemy of existence woven into the tapestry of life

Disparate threads entwining

Like the twilight sky, a convergence of contrasts

Fragments once scattered find solace in harmony

Shadows and light dance,

Each chord of discord finds its cadence

Integration of all parts to create more than their sum alone

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I have been away the last few days so was not able to share my poems but did write them - thank you again Kaitlin for this space and the inspiration to create.


Integration sounds easy

smooth, efficient, quickly accomplished.

Yet integration

means finding a way

to fit the pieces together

acknowledging our differences

our diversity

our fears

as we work for inclusion

with compassion

and care

Integration is not as simple as


you + me = we

It is weaving together, over time and with love

Acknowledging that I alone may not be enough

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I keep finding pieces of

myself, shifting things

around and tucking

them gently into place,

parts into a whole;

parts I didn't know

I was missing at all,

until I found them.

But the parts haven't

made me whole,

just helped me grow.

I've finally realized

that I have been

whole all along.

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Like wordsmithing with a chainsaw,

a scribbler among scribes,

a yard sale flyer amidst a stack of heart melting love letters,

I integrate myself into a fine gaggle of most excellent..




and most powerful & energetic word crafters.

I thank you each one.

and kaitlin for her excellent sandbox.


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I always start out with the intention to go short--alas, I tend to wander.


Integration! Seeing the word I rushed right to…

Google! And was graced with

definitions by trade, professions, association and fields;

Four types of integrations in a geometric plane;

Lots of synonyms and anagrams,

even the way math wonders use the term,

Trigger warning included.

I feel enlightened, but no more able

to craft a wise, witty or wonderful poem.

This young boy turned teenager heard it many times,

in my southern state that fought so long and hard,

against a word and process intended to bring equity, justice and harmony.

As the walls tumbled down, or were torn down by the inevitable

flow towards justice,

I came to understand that integration is not simply an action.

It is a process.

An alchemy of law, intention, spirit, soul, heart and mind.

Where word and action dance and debate,

and countless tender hearts can be harmed

along the way.

When it is done with compassion and kindness

it heals like Earth’s greatest wonders.

Now, at the other end of life’s luscious meadow,

I am still grappling with integration.

How to welcome in the shadows with the light,

The annoying or dysfunctional with the endearing,

the hoped for self with the reality.

It is a process, this integration.

With love and grace, it will be done.

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Thanks again Kaitlin for this amazing space to write, share and read poetry. Appreciated all your guidance. Blessings to you as you enter the New Year!


Drawing abreast all the various parts of me,

joining with the numerous elements of existence.

A jigsaw puzzle of life, individual pieces adding to the landscape.

Each facet, an essential part of the gem.

Every ingredient necessary for the meal.

Hand in hand we link alongside one another.

Interlocking rows of threads weaving the web of life,

one by one we are the building blocks.

All of us the coherence of the heart, a symphony of instruments.

None of this is about conformity, nor based on domestication.

But an amazing collaboration of diversity.

Souls attuning together, interdependence within relationship.

We are more than the sum of the parts.

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I keep my memories carefully separated.

Segregated if you will.

One from another.

I don’t want the good times intermingling with the bad.

Those were sad years, let’s keep them away from those wonderful days.

And oh those months of mediocrity?

Well they are just best left in that pile over there.

But as much as I try to keep my memories in their respective caches.

I realize they cross over and intermingle.

One with the other.

The integration of all of my experiences essential to who I have become.

-Karri Temple Brackett


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