A fragment

a thread

a glimmer,

a bit of wonder

of hope

of an idea,

can find us

can change us

can inspire us,

from nowhere

from anywhere

from everywhere,

and all at once

we, and the world,

are made new.

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Kaitlin, as others have said, your writing and opening up space is inspiring to me. Thank you.


A little dose of joy,

hot tea or coffee

computer screen,

quiet rainy northern morning.

I open the magic chamber,

find the word and the wisdom,

and write.

Today it is inspire.

Oh my.

I breathe deeply into my heart

read these winter poets again,

find the inspiration that

rises from the screen like

the steam from my tea.

I am inspired.

I am blessed.

I breathe in light.

I breathe out love.

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Inspire is a mantra for me.













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At the start of the semester an artist-teacher asked us to come up with two focus words and I choose inspiration, writing this for that:


1. ETYMOLOGY: In Latin, "inspiratio" is derived from the verb "inspirare," which combines "in" (into) and "spirare" (to breathe). Therefore, "inspirare" literally means "to breathe into" or "to infuse." In Latin, "inspiratio" had various meanings, including the act of breathing in, divine influence or guidance, and the stimulation of thought or creativity.

2. I’ve had a long history of respiratory challenges (asthma, allergies, etc.) and am drawn to an exploration of the breath as it relates to the greater concept of inspiration.

3. I’ve often said that my favorite feeling in the world is inspiration (tied with the word cozy) and I want to delve deeper into what that really means for me. What does it mean when I am inspired? What are my thoughts on inspiring others?

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Thanks Kaitlin for your poem today and for this space you have created for us here! Inspiration was my companion/theme word for this year. What a wonderful way to close this year with a poem about it.

Inspiration has its own timing,

fiery passions seeking expression.

Unanswerable riddles,

unknowable koans,

a mystical muse dancing in delight.

Threaded footsteps within a labyrinth

coax me on, guiding me…

into beguiling magical mysteries.

Wonders upon wonders…

Marvels after marvels…

Simple yet multifaceted…

Every moment a possibility.

Humbled by life’s ongoing imagination.

Inhaling the vitality of this moment,

presence breathing me in every way.

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What a happy surprise to have a bonus day tomorrow with the Winter Poets.

We arrived home safely about 45 minutes ago to paperwhites blooming, a stack of holiday cards, and our youngest son (22) COVID positive, isolated upstairs. It sort of feels like we never left!

A Set of Instructions: with gratitude to Kaitlin and her definitions!

First: fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

And second, of course, breathe in (air); inhale.

Third, of course, breathe out; exhale.

Fourth, open your eyes. No, I mean, really open your eyes.

Fifth, close your mouth. The spoken word is not for this moment.

Sixth, tune your ears to the sounds all around you.

Seventh, feel the weight of your body on this sturdy earth.

Eighth, open your heart to what the Divine wants you to create.

Ninth, follow the instructions.

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(a late return to a nadia query)

maybe it was all just in my head.

(sometimes it's hard to tell)

but when the shun xing lady realizes that the ten dollar bill

i have laid on the counter for my christmas eve seseme chicken

is a tip,

the usual din of very mean & angry sounding commandments

she is always barking

at her wok-clanging cooks

suddenly just snaps to total silence.

.for hour long seconds.

"happy christmas"

she finally whispers.

Inspiration? god-wink?

The urge to do something.

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A Blessing of Breath

May you be half as inspiring

as the pines, which give of themselves

so you may breathe.

May you be a wind in the world

whose passing lifts a boot

from another's back, half as easily

as the world's wind lifts your hair;

whose current loosens the chokehold

so no one needs beg "I can't breathe."

May you be the steam softening,

the stillness settling, around the man

right now eating his first hot meal

in days, in a church basement.

Or may you learn to quiet the lungs

quaking with panic sobs, or quicken

the lungs deadening with overdose.

Wherever, however you can.

Of all the things to inspire

in this hyper-ventilating world:

fear, love, bravery, disgust,

let it be inspiration itself. Inspire

respiration, aspiration, root of breath.

May your every breath make easier

the breathing of others, one wind

enlivening every body it moves in.

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This Year

This year I want to allow the winter

With its bare branches and gray landscape,

With its frosty mornings and oh so ever remote chances of snow (here in the south),

To inspire me.

This year I want to allow the people

With their thoughts and feelings and ideas,

With their hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow,

To inspire me.

This year I want to allow the music

With its lyrics, melodies, and harmonies,

With the feelings it invokes,

To inspire me.

This year I want to allow the books

With their paragraphs and chapters,

With their knowledge and their information,

To inspire me.

And once inspired, I want to be motivated

To observe, to speak, to listen, to understand, to sing, to play, to read, to write, and to live in such a way as I too might inspire others.

-Karri Temple Brackett

December 29, 2023

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......we are never ready.......🙂

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