walking with Charlotte is food for my soul

"hurry up Oompah, you're going too slow!"

our journey to school is adventure each day

the birds and the bees, all the creatures at play


wisteria blooms captivate as we go

diaphanous texture, we pause, take it slow

lilac so fragrant; trees' dance in the breeze

The beauty, dynamic, transfixing, at ease


then back on the trail to the school and her crowd

cacophonous frolic, fun frenzy so LOUD!

She pauses, hugs firmly, affectionate kiss

My soul overflows; oh, the glory of this!

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My mother sang

in a country

church quartet,

lifting up melodies

and harmonizing

about the promise

of seeing the glory -


When that someday comes,

I don’t know

what it will look like.

But as for me,

I’m choosing to

open my eyes

and see the glory

right here

right now.

When I stand in silence

and watch the clouds

drift across the sky,

or watch the trees

adorn themselves

in spring

with leaves

all shades of green,

I see the glory.

When I see a seedling

break out of hard soil

to begin

its long journey,

or watch mother bird

tote straw after straw

to build her new home,

I see the glory.

And when I choose

to look beyond

your outward form

and see the

beautiful essence

inside you,

I see the glory.

Even when I dare

to look within,

beyond all my

layers of coverings,

deep calling deep,

I can see the glory

even there.

I’m not going to wait

until someday.

Harmonizing with

all creation,

I choose

to see the glory


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We arrived home on Sunday after two weeks away, and saw flag and monuments to Memorial Day all through our travels. This poem-prayer came to me with today's word prompt.


Arriving home after a time away,

we watched the sun setting across

open field, deer grazing, colors illuminating,

quiet wind of spring turning to summer.

I thought of the flags waving in our town,

And across our homeland.

Old Glory holding vigil to the

lives lost along the road to freedom

or some less honorable destination.

I say a prayer for the fallen and

those who picked up the pieces from their

never coming home.

I think to myself “we need a new glory.”

Not a replacement but one that moves beyond,

a symbol of circles and cycles,

of all the colors that rise in the great open sky,

of a people who do not settle for simple security

or how big of a portion we receive.

A new glory where our rights are not compromised,

or resigned to a hierarchy steeped in power.

A new glory where Earth and its particles have rights,

Where all our kindred have maps to the open door,

where each precious moment is valued.

Where every living thing, and the non-living, too

Are held in undeniable and unconditional love.

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Day 30: Glory

a poem a day in the month of may

(The Liminality Journal: Kaitlin Curtice)

In the morning, you

glory — unfurling into

full bloom at sun’s light.


A common flower,

not showy,

persistent in your travels,

wending, winding,

climbing, sometimes binding,

easy to overlook

the glory of your

persistent opening

to the light.

You prefer a balanced soil,

not too much light —

12 hours will do nicely —

lest your bloom curl inward,

shriveling from toomuchsun.

Your cousin opens

to the moon,

unfurling in the dusk,

basking through the night

until touched

by morning dew.

I am opening

to an inner light,

a radiance, a spark

of glory

born before i came to be

and now unfurling

in words

and images,

and tenderness.

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What a beautiful photo to greet the morning! What a wonderful face. I love that dogs are so expressive with their faces and bodies and don't bother with artificial gazes or trying to suppress true emotions. Love indeed!

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Through highs and the lows,

Even the close, with a kind heart

Glory will always follow.



There’s glory in the eyes of the older,

The inevitable dignity of a lifetime of stories,

Fantasies shared like a patchwork quilt,

A little here,

A little there,

Coming together to inspire a wistful wonder

In those who can only dream.

Glory doesn’t come from monopoly,

The exclusion of one generation from

The legends of another,

Experiences of the sort that only live on in Hollywood,

But from the generosity

And care

When sharing these precious lifetimes

With those who will never have them.

Glory is in the skin

Of a body that fought in world wars,

Clothed princesses and kings,

Made the whole world his stage,

And even now, soft and wrinkled though it is,

Makes the people laugh

Because he can’t stop his magic punchlines

About poop and crawling, mostly.

Glory is in the eyes

That have met a million more and show it,

That have seen impossible change come and go,

That have given him a snappy edge and biting wit,

That only know love and service

When they gaze upon his loved ones

Because his eyes have never failed him

In his constant search for his truth.

Glory is in living,

Living with a whole heart,

Living as your best, however your best may remain or evolve,

Living 97 years as

A remarkable, jovial, charismatic, entertaining,

Good looking, well dressed, absurd, fierce









I’m still learning about glory,

But I know glory lives in my Poppa,

Because how else

Could you touch so many hearts at 97 and

Still look so damn good doing it?

Thanks for that lesson,

You glorious guy

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May 30·edited May 30

Come forth, claim glory,

Jesus encourages James.

Fifth gets a toaster.




(a bad haiku from a more badder joke.) (sorry.)

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Alright, now you're just messing with us. Can I be one of Jupiter's moons? Pretty please?

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We live in a time when lauds and praises are dispensed as though they were sold at a big box store.

We create heroes and wizards and champions galore,

desperate to prop ourselves up with the hope that someone will always be there to save us.

If we create enough supermen will we overcome the despairs and ignominies of our lives?


We must find our own way to the noble and good values of our jaded civilization.

We must seek truth and justice endlessly, and only then will we find glory.

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We are taught,

Not to brag.

We try to dim,

Any celebrations.

Throw a party!

YOLO as the kids say!

Bask in the glory,

Of what you have done.

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my mind keeps going

to music

first with lyrics

"my eyes have seen the glory

of the coming of the Lord"

and then

"gloria in excelsis Deo"

but I even quietly

sang as I got caught

in a downpour

(no one heard my

Christmas cheer in May)

I think of the talent

of songwriters

and performers

songs that

touch hearts

and emotions

songs that demonstrate


even without the word

sacred and secular music

that hits exactly

the way

we need it to

drawing us inward

connecting to

our souls

reminding us who

we are

and sometimes

who's we are

but also

taking us

to the past


not just remembered

but felt


it can be

sad songs

or the blues

engaging our sorrow


love songs

recalling first loves

or high school dances

songs that transcend labels

yet captivate moments

I can list plenty of songs

and versions

that fit the description of


and I imagine you

do as well.

may those songs

as well as new ones

continue to narrate

or should I say


your moments

and feelings

bringing you to glory


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I'm really moved by your poem, Kaitlin. Yanks a little on my heartstrings because the dogs in my life are also some of the most glorious beings I know. Thanks for this little slice of beautiful glory in your world.

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Love this poem. Our pets teach the true meaning of unconditional love.

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This one tugs at my heartstrings

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It’s a love like no other...our sweet Chaim has a teal bowl too. It’s our special meeting place everyday at 6:30✨

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