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1. The common redpolls, goldfinches, chickadees, pigeons, squirrels, and rabbit that come to our yard.

2. Tending my indoor plants

3. Treasuring each moment with my family.

Things are so heavy right now! Thank you for your posts. They help me stay grounded!

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so lovely! tending to my indoor plants has been such a lovely practice for me. thanks for sharing!

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My Dad always asked for my favorite things. Today I'm grateful for these three favorites:

1. Film crew members who helped create 26-minute UNamerican Justice educational film featuring stories of indigenous, immigrant and refugee individuals and families.

2. New connections with ALS leaders and education leaders across the USA.

3. Emotional support from members of Rise and Speak class at the Amani Center

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My oldest kiddo often asks "What was your favorite part of the day?" and it's so hard to answer bc I can't ever pick just one thing! Your favorites are lovely. Thank you for sharing!

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1. The returning red-wing blackbirds.

2. I was the subject of a short documentary film made by some Indigenous high school filmmakers this past weekend and they were a blast to work with; I get to see the finished film on Friday and I'm pretty excited to see how they put it all together.

3. It's been many years since I was any kind of a runner, so I signed up for a series of races in the coming months. The first one, a 5K, is in just a couple weeks. Soreness in my quads reminds me that I am in training for something that is good for me. As for training, though, there are some boxing gloves in my gym bag too for heavybag workouts. The reality is that if I'm ever in a "fight or flight" situation, no amount of training on the track is going to give me any chance to survive ... hence the attention to bag work too, heh. (plus it's fun)

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I love red-wing blackbirds. Aren't they gorgeous? And well done on the run! I love that you basically forced yourself into it by signing up for the races--that's great motivation! And will be a nice ease into spring!

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They ARE gorgeous, especially when the bright epaulets on the male flare with their call. We have a small year-round population but when the rest start showing back up again, that is one of the first signs of spring for me and I love it.

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1. Baby snuggles

2. Snow and Sunshine - requiring shades in February! A sure sign of spring.

3. Gilmore Girls on binge mode!

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1. I'm learning to sew and am practicing making hanging towels for friends/family

2. Cleaning out flower beds and readying them for mulch and life

3. Playing animal crossing; it's more of an obsession but it's a great escape with the rewards of gaining all the stamps and nook miles (very goal oriented and satisfying)

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My three favourite things are -

1. Walking the nature trails near our home - listening to the river - or at this time of year - the ice creaking, and hearing the birds in the trees

2. Spending time creating art

3. Going to the beach even in the winter - the lake is so different is in the winter vs the summer but the water is my happy place

Thank you for this - with everything going on this is a great reminder of what truly matters and today is a gift.

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Some of my favorite things this week..

1. Playing piano at the local home for elders

2. many walks throughout the day, in beautiful Sitka, AK

3. Looking forward to our 1st in person activity with the children at our church this coming weekend...(since COVID began)

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1. Reading books ("See No Stranger" by Valarie Kaur is my current read)

2. Moving my body/dancing

3. Taking really long, really hot showers

I live on a small suburban lot, but both the backyard and front yard are entirely gardens, full of fruit trees and perennials and kale that survives the winter. Once the ice thaws, it'll be time to plant spring crops. I'm looking forward to spring more than ever this year.

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1. The humor and laughter of my spouse and kids.

2. Books, books, books!

3. A good cup of coffee with cream. :)

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1. Learning to play the piano

2. Playing and snuggling with my 16 month old niece

3. Noticing the signs of spring…more daylight, the birds singing, warmer days

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