This is an Instagram post I wrote in December 2022, to remember my Grandmother... As soon as I saw today's prompt I knew this is what I wanted to share.



would have been your 87th birthday. Yesterday

marked one year since we lost you.

This week last year,

I bought you a birthday card,

which was sealed and stamped the day you went into the hospital.

A week later I laid it on your casket.

Hours before

you went to the hospital,

we were making plans to see eachother

in just a few days.


I found a card in a store that says,

"You are loved,"

and it felt like a card from you.


I curled up under the quilt

you made for our wedding

and I finished the row

where you left off in your needle point.

I'll finish the rest


but I'm not ready yet.


I put on your necklace, and your earrings hoping to bring you closer,

but nothing

is as close as when you were here.

I don't know what to do with

your death day being yesterday,

but your birthday being today.

In some moments,

I'm okay,

and in others I'm still so lost.

As the minutes slide away

on your birthday,

I miss you more and more.

And that's today.

Missing you as much as ever,


it will be



and someday,

we'll be together again.

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My wife and I go hiking a lot, and we get very sentimental about benches that are in memoriam of someone, often with a loving or beautiful inscription. So here is my poem for the day:

Inscriptions for Our Future Memorial Bench

for my wife

They loved this hillside.

Pause a while here.

Returned to the earth.

Gone home to the lakes and grass.

They loved this trail.

Thank you for everything.

They loved this view.

Go and be part of the world.

Beloved friends, aunts, siblings, artists.

Now is the moment.

See us in the rain and the stars.

This was all so much fun.

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Dec 28, 2023·edited Dec 28, 2023

You can use anything,

so i've been told.

bread & wine.

cracker & water,

donut & coffee.

we use a sausage biskit

(grape jelly on the side)

and a grape nehi on nannie day,

when i zoom my siblings,

to help us ponder our mom,


every september since.

"Do this to remember me"

(Luke 22:19-3/4)

(first nations new testament)

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Wisps of memory

come to me

in familiar feelings;

visit me

in the rustling of leaves,

greet me

in streams of sunlight,

waft toward me

in scents on a breeze,

float down to me

in heavy snow flakes,

meet me

in well worn pages,

find me

in the squish of sand

between my toes,

the splashing

of a puddle,

the taste of warm

chocolate chip cookies,

of banana bread,

of pancakes

and coffee.

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Remembrance: Inspired by an impromptu visit to the Veterans Memorial Park in Florence, SC


Name after name after war after war

Some smiling under their sailor caps

Some stern, some scared, some stoic

All heroic

We come here to honor and pay homage

We come here, reluctant military parents

En route to see our son.

Each one of these servants were

Someone's son, daughter, sister, brother

Memorialized in marble, granite, bronze

For the monuments multiply:

World War One, Two, Korea, Viet Nam

September 11 -----------

For what have they fallen?

For freedom? Following orders?

For the fallacy of dominoes?

Did they die for democracy?

Why is there no statue for the War Between the States?

Why are our monuments to war and death and sacrifice?

I inhale the South Carolina morning air.

I exhale. I pause.

I did not come here to question.

I did not come here to approve.

I come here here to remember.

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Kailtin, your poem moved me and led me to cry. This was a hard one today. I tried several times to write a poem of another sort, but this one always bubbled up from beneath the rest.


I hoped to write a soul poem,

a symphonic lament and prayer,

to all that have moved through my life,

a softy silent whisper

“I remember you.”

Though all I can bring to the surface now

is all those told to move south, to flee from homes

that will be bombed and reduced to rubble.

To countless natives and lovers of earth,

moved from their homelands through

bribes, lies, theft and eyes wide shut.

How will they remember their lives,

before the occupation,

and wars, and displacements

and genocides.

How will those grieving their beloveds

taken by terror in acts of violence

done under the cloak of darkness and righteous cause;

How will they remember?

Tonight, the cries of ancestors lost to

unremembered history are what I hear.

Children and elders plowed under

in nameless solidarity,

one more reminder that only some lives matter

in this blood stained world.

My own losses are encased in a song.

Seasons shifting and species disappearing

monuments of shallow hope built on sand and fill.

I am trying to remember.

Remembrances of my broken heart

tied to yours across a universe,

across waters and years and histories,

to the quiet place where all was peaceful,

Before this river of tears flowed from my heart.

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This part is so, so good Kaitlin:

I will always remember what got me here,

every field of gold, every song, every tear,

and one day I’ll lay down and cover my heart,

hoping that in the days after, someone else

will choose a new, sacred path and remember me.

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There are so many things to remember

From ancestry to tasks

But I only think of my Mother

Constant questions to ask

She brought the joy

She manifested happiness

The traditions were hers

She developed for us

Her love and kindness

Her never ending giving

She never asked for return

Now I am regretting

I remember so hard

So deep and so wide

Now just the hole I feel

Deep inside

Especially during this time

When all that was is gone

Her presence would be great

But of course there is none

But is that true?

No - she is always here

My memory so strong

She is sitting so near

Always with me

Always around

She is my Mom

My friend and my ground

I feel her I am her

I can talk to her whenever

What a wonder feeling

To remember forever

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This one is for my Daddy. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and we had our last Christmas with him in 2019. He was gone 8 weeks later.

In Remembrance

In remembrance of him,

We still gather.

In remembrance of him,

Stories are told.

In remembrance of him,

Laughter echoes.

In remembrance of him,

Tears still flow.

In remembrance of him,

Gifts are given.

In remembrance of him,

Food is blessed.

In remembrance of him,

Life continues.

In remembrance of him,

Love still exists.

-Karri Temple Brackett


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So beautiful.

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Kaitlin: What a 'deep-dive' (current jargon) that you share your intimate journey with us. Thank you for the courage and listening to the core voice within.


1 ANCESTORS: those who have gone before me that I know; those that blazed an

inheritance from which I benefit…but know little

2 SENSES: the five we know commonly, the sixth being ‘knowing’ and trusting it

3 BODIES: the privilege to be a spiritual being in a human body

4 SEASONS: each one a joy with messages to digest and savor

5 FRIENDS: the best companions one can experience

6 NATURE: includes all of creation, universe and things I cannot see nor imagine

7 SAFETY: first ingredient of trust

8 COMPASSION: receiving it and the gift of giving it to others

9 LOVE: The Divine’s for me; my love for the Divine; love of spouse, a child,

family and friends

10 BREATH: the first and last earthly gift I have and will receive

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