Motherly Wisdom

There is little

that cannot be

mended in

kitchen chairs

and teapots.

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I’m really grateful for this space that you’ve created Kaitlin, to connect through our words, ideas, art in community. My heart is longing to find ways to continue beyond this month of May, thank you for this gift.

Wisdom is a sense

attuned to

ethereal spaces

in-between, beneath

liminal, radical

Wisdom is penetrating

invisible energy

buried roots

intangible feelings

sounds of silence

Wisdom is a window

into hidden nature

insight, intuition

into what really


Wisdom is serenity

filtered, unclouded

knowing, innate

born into


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Does wisdom come with age,

Like wool gathered through the years?

Does wisdom come with heartache,

Grown in the heart's soil and watered with tears?

Does wisdom come from God,

Given only to those who pray?

Or does wisdom come to anyone,

Who can listen, and learn, and then give it away?

Karri Temple Brackett

May 27, 2023


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I fling open my soul to the mysteries of the world

Open the shutters to the vast expanse of the universe

Let the light stream on in



I throw away certainty and rightness and crack myself wide

Like a hatching bird

Not yet ready to fly

I am like a tree, rooted

I am like a leaf, falling

This is where wisdom lives,

In surrender

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Wisdom doesn’t ask it simply reveals

Itself to those who dare to feel the feels

Wisdom comes in the tiniest of ways

The land, the flowers the streams, the bays

Don’t look for it outside the natural spaces

For tender wisdom will be found in other places

Rather, seek it in our Land and in your Heart

Find it within your own Poetry and your own Art

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Wisdom is not something that is granted or conquered

nor about how many years one has lived

Forged with every conscious and intentional step

it’s through living an examined life

Within the battle worn, frayed

frenzied storms of living

Inside the sweet tender moments

where vulnerability opens like an unfurling fern

Present with our ever-changing emotional waters

as their fluidity ebbs and flows

Being willing to fall down, to get up

and to repeat this again and again

Not just by surviving or existing but

contemplating each encounter

releasing judgments and preferences

fully meeting life as it is

Letting the deeper understandings

arise, bubbling up from our cavernous belly

To simply wander, to wonder

as a rewilding, untaming, returning home

For this greater mystery cannot ever be solved

And right there…is quiet…joy!

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Like the porno judge claiming

he knows it when he sees it,

I know it when I hear it.

and I will try to give it

the silent native chew it surely deserves.

Wisdom sharpens wisdom.

Anything else is just owls.

or a quartet of teeth.

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Wisdom is a gift from my grandmothers as I become more like them each year.

Wisdom is listening to my sons who are young and wise, too.

Wisdom is right here between young and old- neither and both, wise and new.

Wisdom is ageless.

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I've been called

wise beyond my years

more than once,

but the older I get,

the less I believe that

wisdom comes from age.

After all, what could be wiser

than a child instinctively

digging their hands into the earth,

splashing in the water,

laughing when they are happy,

crying when they are sad,

eating when they are hungry,

stopping when they are full,

moving when they are restless,

resting when they are tired,

reaching out when they need comfort,

stomping their feet at injustice,

and deciding everyone they see

should be their friend?

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Sometimes I feel wise,

Some days I act otherwise,

Ridiculous and impulsive,

Brash and reckless.

Apparently, I am,

Still learning,

To be wise.

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HI friends. I love today's prompt. I start my offering with words from Proverbs 4:7, from the First Testament, the Wisdom Writings from the Jewish tradiiton.


“The beginning of wisdom is:

Get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight.”

The beginning of wisdom and its

Complex and dynamic union with insight.

It has little to do with intellect, SAT, LSAT, GRE or poll numbers.

Wisdom is all about the base, the center, the source.

Get wisdom:

Be present in this precious moment.

Be thoughtful in word, action and response.

Have compassion for your kindreds;

See with your heart as well as your eyes.

Witness to a world that can be,

when all our dreams of harmony coincide.

Be a healer for the nations, your communities, and your home.

Love justice, live kindness, be humble and gentle.

Look behind as well as ahead,

so that none are left behind.

Treat all beings with respect, dignity and peace.

Sustain the earth as if it will continue to be home to humans

For a thousand more centuries.

Shine and show loving kindness to all creatures,

to your beloveds, to your adversaries, and to yourself.

Open the circle wider and wider as we see the beauty in all life

And all our sacred identities.

Open up to the possibility that you are wrong;

Hold gently to beliefs and shed dogma and doctrine.

Treat all life as sacred, and all passings as moments to mourn and grieve.

Continue to tell and hear the stories.

Read these words and let them go.

Hold me in your heart for a little while longer,

And then in heartfelt joy, let me go.

Walk with the power of beauty,

May Love always be your guiding light.

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The wisest of all

Is taking a step back, not

Twisting up your truth.



In a time where

People vye hard for the top spot,

Or even where we fight so hard inside

To be our best,

I must be honest with myself,

Take a chill pill and a step back,

And turn to the wisdom

Of the wise who came before me.


“No need to take life too seriously” -

It’s a constant creation

And you won’t miss your chance.

There’s goodness left for you,

And you need do nothing for it.


“Just listen” -

To your body and your heart.

We created ourselves foolproof,

Keeping the internal navigation systems

Saved up after every trip close

So that we could start this life already found.


“Enjoy the damn thing” -

After all the creating, after all of the “work,”

Your world is a gift waiting for your celebration.

If pleasure comes from within,

It’s your responsibility to unlock it for us all.


So go for it.

Start the party.

Don’t think about it.

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is many things

the difference between

knowledge and wisdom

knowledge is knowing

a tomato is a fruit

wisdom is knowing

not to put a tomato in a fruit salad

as if wisdom the

experience of playing with knowledge

there is a spirit of wisdom

that artists possess

from learning and

practicing their craft

there is a wisdom tradition

from scriptures

and holy people

imparting words

gently so

quieted minds

can absorb them

there is a wisdom

that creation knows

and we don't

but sacred texts

show us

if we dare to see

wisdom is more than

being smart

as many

without wisdom

will proclaim too loudly

wisdom is

eternal and yet situational

universal and yet contextual

beyond us and yet within us

but for the latter

we need the courage

to empty ourselves

to be vulnerable

to be silent

so we can notice it

then we need

to be willing

to be wrong

to make mistakes

to experience the uncomfortable

within us and out in the world

so we can gain wisdom

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what good is wisdom

if there is no compassion

together? divine!

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This resonates so deeply. Therapy, lavender plants, gray hair, and stretch marks are all part of my story as well. Thank you for the reminder that it is all wisdom.

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I love this word!!! Sophia, Goddess of wisdom, woman wisdom, source of knowledge and light! Thank you Kaitlin for the wisdom you show in creating this space!

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