Of all

You, me, her, him, them

God's promise

Beyond our ingrained preconceptions

Inclusive of everyone

Vowing to press on until all humankind experiences equality.

Karri Temple Brackett

May 20, 2023


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Dear Rainbow,

You’re the liminal arc

bending, stretching through my life

a multitude of colors

full spectrum manifest

Dear Rainbow,

Our ancestors named you Bifröst

a bridge between two realms

mortal Midgard and celestial Asgard

connecting human and divine

Dear Rainbow,

We chose you as the coda

our wedding recessional

arms tightly woven together, beaming

singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”

Dear Rainbow,

You’re the liminal arc

fully illusion and fully real

an alchemized ellipsis

punctuating the circle of life

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My children are wrapped in rainbows

without the weight of worry

about a god who would promise peace

only after dealing destruction,

or who would create life and love

only to decide that some were sinful.

Someday, they'll learn all about

the Bible, genesis and Jesus,

queer liberation and pride parades,

and the reason they, themselves,

are called rainbow babies, but

for now, they'll wear clothes in every colour,

and smile at every stranger,

and when they see the sunlight

reflected and refracted in raindrops,

they'll know nothing but momentary magic

and the bliss of being both

innocent and ignorant of ignorance.

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Don’t get me wrong-

I love a pop of prisms

as much as the next person,

color streaks arching across

the horizon.

I don’t believe

it’s the colors that draw

others to claim rainbows

as their own.

It’s the hue that glows

within hearts that see

each rainbow as a promise

projected, as hope

that good things

follow the rain.

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The rainbow

is a sign of God's promise

even in my flickering, faltering, evolving faith

I hold on

to that promise

and welcome

the hope

and joy

that arc of colour brings

my pot of gold

at the end of the rainbow

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colorful and enchanting

curious and inviting

as a boy searching

for the end

and the pot of gold


how many of

those adventures

got diverted

by jumping in

puddles of water

laughing and playing

as the you

slipped into

the spiritual realm

from which you came

in church

we were taught of

a promise attached

that displays

not only beauty

but a grace

that I didn't understand then

and now as an adult

when the rainbow

has more meaning

for so many friends

and loved ones

and people I do not know

I understand and support them

hopefully, they see me as

as someone safe

an ally

even though

I long to return

to a time or is it age

where society wasn't

trying to force me

to pick "sides" as if

the world were so

simple and uninspiring

to demand

black or white thinking

of "us" versus"them"

I am so weary of this

outdated and harmful view

I long to find

the time and place

after the long rains

wash away the

powers of death and division

with a new life

where I can gather with

old friends and new

of all the shades and hues

with a variety of languages

and expressions of love

and fellowship

with no barriers keeping

us from

holding hands and hugging

laughing and giggling



and there will definitely be


in the puddles

as the music

of resurrection (from our old lives)

fills the air

and did I mention


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May 20·edited May 20


a proud plank-owner

in the close-knit fellowship that is


an eagle fly-by,

an unexpected kiss,

violin grace notes in the subway.

a god wink,

a jolt of breaking family news,

a fresh car wreck.

stuff like that.


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I don’t want my life to be

the superficiality of

"rainbows and unicorns"

Don’t get me wrong I love

rainbows and unicorns

But no thanks to

forced positivity

confined to a Golden Cage

My life includes the shadow

depth and texture that

colors my life bold

Darkness is not to judged

just something to meet along the way

It is the night to the day

Dusk to the dawn

Birthing a deep

power and Creativity

AND, give me a rainbow any day

That glorious arc of

pure prismatic sunshine

Unrefined multicolored joy!

With a smile painted upon my face

awe in my heart

I rejoice in this iridescent gem

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Red is the car I drive around the town,

Orange is overwhelmed by being poetic daily.

Yellow is the sunshine that permeates my soul,

Green is the grass on both sides of the street.

Blue is the summer sky that stretches on forever.

Indigo is a sunset backdrop for fireflies.

Violet is the popsicle, dripping down her chin.

These colors, the rainbow of my soul.

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Thank you so much, again, for this space, Kaitlin. Today truly feels like a turning point in this particular journey, and I've made some amazing decisions that are wholly inspired by your supportive and encouraging space.

I'll also take this moment to say, I ADORE all you folks I've been "meeting" day after day, or even just some days. This has been truly one of the most magical and organically engaging creative experiences of my life (maybe you can tell I'm relatively new to Substack still haha), and so I'm taking this energy and rolling farther and beyond with it!

I didn't feel quite as sparkly writing my poem today, but it nonetheless definitely captures the ecstasy of my joy right now, being here with you all. I don't want it to stop <3 (and so, I'm concocting a treasure such that, in some way, it won't <3)

Big love.

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The rain falls gently around the house,

And I’m glad for this moment.

Glad to be sitting here,

Muse and tea and rain,

Warm and well and nourished,

Excited for all the rainbow rays

That’ll soon be unleashed.

Soon, my baby,

My littlest rainbow,

We’re going to be fields of wildflowers,

Splatters of paint on open canvases,

Cacophonic symphonic melodies

Dancing between the ears

Of those praying for glorious unbridled return.

For now, we’ll sit,

Happy and warm and nourished,

Sipping tea, writing a note or two,

Laying the foundation for the King

Who will soon be marching through.

Believe me,

Our time will come to

Squibblesquabble piddlepoddle

Bounce around as

Curly Q’s and whispering shoes,

Giddy and excited as squirrels on harvest day,

Fractal and colossal,

So radiant in effervescence they can scarcely believe their eyes.

But they do so, anyways,

As though gazing on angels,

As though willing the portal to be just a little wider, just for now,

Because baby, you see,

We are rainbows.

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when it comes to Light

rainbows contain everything

We promise, We do

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I’ve always loved


The rare occurrence of rainbows

showing up in an average ho-hum day

calls for my attention.

Their sheer beauty is enough

for me to stand in awe.

Yet I’ve learned the colors are there

all the time.

There doesn’t even need to be a storm

to see a rainbow.

When light is traveling along

and encounters something


like water or glass,

the light slows down

and changes direction.

The light bends.

And then we see

what’s been there all along,

a spectrum of colors,

each unique and different.

Beauty, always there in its essence,

can be visibly seen

when something, someone,

chooses to slow down

and change course.

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When the rains had ended,

and the flood waters began to recede,

A rainbow appeared.

A promise, a commitment, a symbol

that a new day was dawning.

A rainbow appears.

The prophets speak of the arc of God,

bows appearing in the sky,

Revelation of hope and redemption,

Epiphanies of light across shadows,

Storm surges leading to cracks in the sky,

Calm following chaos, hope flowing from despair.

A rainbow appears.

This symbol of hope and resilience,

a beckoning of peace and centering justice,

Wherever humans have left their marks,

For better and worse,

rainbows appear.

Symbols pf promise and peace,

of inclusion and diversity expanding narrow constructs,

kindreds finding their worth and value,

clothed in multi color splendor.

peeling back layers, shedding skins

of the old, deepening understanding and trust.

A rainbow appears.

Ezekiel saw them in the sky, Noah did, too.

Jesus embodied the fullness of the colors,

as the humblest of us glimpse our beauty

in the smallest steps we take.

Avatars, seers, wisdom guides and prophets

old and new, understand the signs:

A new dream is emerging into view.

A rainbow appears.

White supremacists, Christian nationalists

purveyors of hate and spinners of lies

breathe out hate and call it love.

Their angry violent ways even take hold for a while,

but they never last.

In the harshest of storms,

A rainbow appears.

The rainbow always appears somewhere.

The untouchable feels the embrace of compassion,

The reviled find the open arms of welcome,

The battered soothed by the warmth of kindness,

The wounded healed at the broken places.

A rainbow appears.

Love blossoming long after the light has faded,

joy flowing to the children locked in despair,

hope singing in the halls of resignation,

hands holding years after all touch has ended.

Light following darkness following light into darkness,

forgiveness found in the ashes of remorse and resilience,

bowed heads rising into the dawn,

As a rainbow appears.

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One of my very favorite words and symbols! I lovde your poem, Kaitlin, and marveling at the wonder and mystery of science!

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