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Cycles, seasons,

wheels within wheels

to everything

turn turn turn

getting dizzy

feeling groovy

familiar path

deepened rut

not necessarily

the right track

but here I am






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We eat ice cream,

fresh peach churned,

cycles of cream

and juice like July

is supposed to taste-

it drips down between

my children’s fingers,

a legacy so sweet.

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A carousel turning around and around,

The music unceasing calliope sounds.

Emotions the horses upon which I ride,

First high and then low until finally I slide,

To the edge of the platform to try and get down,

But I fear if I make the leap to the ground.

That things will not change for better but worse,

The fear of the unknown always a curse.

Maybe one day I’ll learn how slow it all down

And finally get off this merry go round.

Karri Temple Brackett

May 28, 2023


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Living through cycles

I have much to learn, and yet...

Much more to forget

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Nature is full of cycles,

Moon, weather, plants,

Just to name a few.

Humans used to rotate,

Through war and peace,

It seems all we have now is war

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Moving tides washing the shores

Pulling me inward, outward

Each day, a year of cycles

Every moment a dying birth

Am I a chrysalis, a caterpillar,

a butterfly?

Or imaginal cells, unformed

Yet to be.

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I’m a grateful witness to the cycles of life.

The seed is scattered, catching in the dirt.

The grass grows long, sprouting buttercups madly.

The sun beats down, defying life to carry on,

Uplifting in its provocation.

Then the rains sweep in, sometimes soft and gentle,

Sometimes furious in their downpour.

Eventually, the water clears and clouds are left in its wake,

Humidity greeting the emergence into a fresh earth.

A rainbow shines on the fortunate eyes.

What’s left, then, but tall grass and wildflowers,

Mornings cool until they’re not,

A slate wiped clean to begin the cycle over?

A melody and a rhythm,

A mystery and a commitment,

We are all carried by our cycles,

Certain we can be uncertain

As we expand ourselves and shine.

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"I'm ok with it, really I am."

"But sometimes I wonder

what it's like on the other side &

i think I'd rather just stay right here."

"But, it would be really kool

to meet the one who made me

and really loves me."

"i hope it's all real"

"Birth is just too scary."

"Death is just too scary."

kindred ponders complete my cycle.

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No poem or wisdom today but staying on point with the theme:

What’s the difference between a well-dressed man on a bicycle and a poorly dressed man on a unicycle?



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Observing the moon

in her nightly orbit,

I find she has much

to teach me

about living.

As she waxes large,

I’m reminded to inhale, too,

taking in a deep breath

of all that is and can be

truly wonderful in life.

And when she wanes,

I must also exhale,

choosing to see

what I can let go

and what may

no longer be needed.

In her fullness,

I can take up space as well,

believing it’s okay to shine

if I will just be true

to the real me.

And in her darkness,

I likewise rest,

reassuring myself

I really don't need

to produce

all the time

to be worthwhile.

Even in the

repetition of her cycles,

I find a rhythm

for life

that is sustaining

and encouraging,


and empowering.

Observing the moon

in her circular flow,

I find she has much

to teach me

about thriving.

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May 28·edited May 28

cycles of life

seasons to mark time

trips around the sun

plant, nurture, harvest, rest

spring, summer, fall, winter

one trip - one year

more births

and deaths

filling creation

with life

flowers, bees

leaves on trees

eggs in nests

babies wrapped

all across this

shared existence

each with its own

cycles of life

creation likes patterns

rhythmic and natural

what a wonderful world

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Our love moves through cycles.

Shadow and light,

hope and helplessness,

sheer joyful delight and howling excitement,

tears of sadness, tears of rage, tears of pain.

A deep, pragmatic, magical love moving through cycles.

Our lives move in cycles.

Playful glee and despondent despair,

forward motion and sliding backwards,

freedom dancing into ecstatic dreams,

stumbling steps towards destinations unknown.

Lives of many sides, angles and layers, intricately drawn.

Our visions move in cycles.

Clarity and clouds,

brilliant revelations and deep, dense fog,

songs into symphonies,

untethered words turn to chaos.

Cycles turn and turn again.

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I love how some days a word quickly forms associations and stories for me, and other days I let the word sort of rest on my heart as I go about living to see what it brings up. Cycle is definitely one I will carry around with me today 💗

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My belief system

revolves around cycles, soul

of all creation

The circle is my

sacred, shaping the living

new tree rings each year

Current of life flows

moving matter on its course

repeats in cycles

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