"permission to live without being a “church leader”,"


That shameful feeling that I am cheating God if I am not serving the church with all my heart all my soul all my strength and all my might,

the " I can do all things" on some bad steroids.

Was very exhausted but very glad to wave bye bye to that mindset in my rearview mirror.

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Thank you Kaitlin for this. A wonderful reminder that this series, the process and the journey is not linear. Most, if not all, of my life has not been linear. And what the the side trails and bushwacking have led me to are blessings too numerous to name. Even when the journeys went through places of deep shadows and I got lost more than once along the way.

I like your cal to us to explore, and move beyond fear. I love your reminder for us to connect with our child. often there waiting to be released again.

I really like this paragraph at the end: "So, now is the time to step into your childlike wonder, let your curiosity guide you, ask what kind of relationship you want to have to God, The Sacred, Mother Earth, and look for spaces that help you hold and explore that in a safe and ethical way. " The call for us to reflect on what kind of relationship(s) we want and need in this life and world are so important. Safe, ethical, loving, compassionate and nurturing communities are so essential for our wholistic health.

I am so grateful for your wisdom. This past Sunday, we reflected on wisdom in our service, and I read the committment to resistance at the end of Living Resistance at the close of the message, as a witness to wisdom. Thank you for the light you shine into the world.

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