Who writes The Liminality Journal?

I’m Kaitlin. I’m an essayist, poet, award-winning author, dog owner, mom, partner, and all-around layered and nuanced human being. I love to write on spirituality, everyday life, resistance, self-care, and identity.

photo by Amy Paulson

What is The Liminality Journal?

What is liminality? To put it simply, liminality is the psychological process of transitioning across boundaries and borders. In a time when we love to keep ourselves separated from one with our ideologies, beliefs, religions, ethics, identities, politics, and so much more, liminality asks how we exist in those in-between spaces. That’s what I write about, and that’s what this space is for.

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Most of my writing will remain free, because I believe that sharing my words with all of you is what creates this community. For free subscribers, you’ll still get access to my essays and some original poetry. Paid subscribers get access to the following:

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This is a space for Us—liminality cannot exist in each of us separately, but is the way in which we engage with our own souls and the world around us.

I’m so glad you’re here.

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