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Day 7 Podcast

Day 7 Podcast



Today’s poem is a short podcast of my thoughts + a reading.

Hope you enjoy! The transcript is below (and please don’t mind the dogs walking and drinking water in the background!).

a phot from the morning of our wedding day, out picking wildflowers for our bouquets—we were so young!

Today’s poem is dedicated to my husband Travis, who is my best friend, my constant companion.

Today’s prompt is the word chill, and I thought of him right away, the warm energy that drew me to him and the fire we’ve carried ever since.

I hope you like it. I can’t wait to read yours.

Sometimes people get chills when they are in love,
but not me.
The first time I met you, I felt warmed
all the way through,
and terrified, too,
because you could see me,
like, really see me
with those eyes of yours.
The chill never hit me,
never goosebumps
but this constant falling into you,
into your warmth, your smell, your love,
your mystery, your adventure.
And still, fifteen years later,
there is no chill.
We have built a life of warmth and care,
a life nestled into one another,
into corners of this earth
where we find solace and fire and magic.
You, my love, are a burning ember,
forever drawing me to your warmth.
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