A Holiday Season Blessing

for whatever lies ahead

May you breathe in and out right here, right now.

May the to-do lists slip into the background for a moment.

May your connection with the Sacred guide you.

May the stresses of this time be acknowledged and let go.

May you let yourself be, simply be.

May good food fill your belly.

May gentle yet fierce truth-telling fall from your lips.

May your heart know its way home.

May you find what and who you need, when you need them.

May you find yourself when you need you.

May you light many candles to guide your way.

May you dream big and expand your longings to learn.

May you cry big tears and let it all go.

May you experience solidarity in the everyday.

May you be the child you’ve always been.

May you listen to the children in your midst.

May you play games and laugh harder.

May you fall asleep to the quiet.

May you find peace on the path you tread.

May Mother Earth speak to you in the busyness.

May you listen to her voice and surrender.

May you savor your morning coffee.

May this holiday season be whatever it needs to be.

May the expectations be an idea and not a trap.

May you rest well and drink well and be all the things.

May you light your own way into the coming year.

All this I hope for you.

Iw, amen.


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Onward, friends, together.